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Bride and Groom



"I have this vision of a total novelty cake with a bit of everything that Nick and I love... not a flashy and fancy traditional tiered wedding cake, but something totally fun and daft!"


Tell Your Story...

At Van der Shnoodle we love creating beautiful wedding cakes for your very special day. In addition, we offer a totally bespoke and highly personalised wedding cake service we call 'Storybook Cakes'. What could be more personal on your very special day than a cake that tells your story?  You can literally have a cake that's all about the two of you. And why not? A wedding is, and should be, all about the two people saying 'I do".  You might like your cake to tell the story of how you both met, big life moments, your interests, personal jokes, habits, passions, pets, careers, lifestyle, food you love, or your  travels together. All of this can be reflected in your cake.  


So, if you're looking for something really personal and a little bit different that really reflects you as a couple, contact me about your very special, one of a kind wedding cake today. Let's tell your story...

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